In a healing session, I work with plant spirits and other compassionate helping spirits, to safeguard your energy, remove that which doesn’t belong to you or is no longer needed, and restore you to your sovereignty.  

Psychopomp sessions can assist beings in crossing thresholds and continuing on their evolutionary journey.  Other healing sessions tend to places of wounding by dissolving limiting energetic patterns and shifting your relationship to pain triggers. Healing sessions lead you into a deeper sense of love and appreciation for your own luminous self. 

Reiki sessions fill you with life force energy and gently dissolve blockages and areas of stagnation. During a reiki session, your body and mind enter into a deep sense of relaxation. That deep relaxation promotes healing and ease. Reiki reduces stress and anxiety and fosters mental equanimity. Reiki also assists with pain relief and boosts physical healing. 

Reiki and shamanic healing sessions tend to all levels of your being, and are beneficial for both you and your animal companion.

Guidance sessions connect you to the wisdom of your guides and illuminate your path.  These sessions offer a deeper understanding of your life path and challenges, and empower you to create the life you dream of.  

Heal the wound of separation and evolve into the embodiment of your dream. 


Healing & Guidance For You & Your Animal Companion


Healing sessions support you in shedding that which no longer serves you, and gently replenish you with vital, uplifting energy.  

You might be inhabiting an outdated story of yourself, navigating grief or trauma, or simply in need of heart nurturing.  Healing sessions help you reclaim your power, navigate change, and embody your luminosity.  

In psychopomp sessions, I work with plant spirits to remove attachements and help beings cross over thresholds.  These sessions can address ancestral trauma and breaks in the ancestral line.  

Healing sessions can also be booked for your animal companion.  Sessions can help your animal companion move through past trauma including recovering from a shelter environment or an unstable home. They can also help your animal companion adjust to change and cope with fear or anxiety.  Please note that I will connect with your animal first to ask for permission to effectuate the healing.  If permission is denied, payment will be refunded.

          Reiki for Humans & Animals

Reiki gently dissolves areas of density and dis-ease and fills the entirety of your being with luminous life-affirming energy.  Being bathed in the light of reiki is nourishing and restorative.

Each session for humans includes a short, personalized guided meditation that will gently relax you and guide you into the healing experience.  

Reiki sessions provide loving support for an animal who is nearing the end of their life, facing illness or other stressor, or in need of a bit of extra love.  

As with shamanic healing sessions, I will connect with your animal friend first to seek permission before proceeding. 

Reiki Bursts

Reiki bursts provide you with bursts of reiki throughout the day.  These bursts empower your goals and provide you with an increased sense of ease.

Bursts allow you to receive reiki as you go about your day. On your end, there is no “doing,” there is simply proceeding with confidence, knowing you are supported.

Reiki bursts can power up an intention, support you through challenging aspects of your day, and remind you that you are not alone. The loving sentience of reiki is with you, nurturing your heart, supporting your physical wellness, and anchoring your dreams into reality.

Reiki bursts can be booked for you and for your animal companion.

Reiki burst packages provide 5 consecutive days of reiki bursts throughout each day. Multiple days cement the healing, and carve out pathways for the healing to firmly root in your life.


 Illuminate your path and receive guidance to navigate challenges or uncertainties. Guidance sessions include an illuminating journey and an intuitive oracle card reading. Intuitive card readings extend beyond the given meaning of the card, and dive deeply into the imagery of the card as well as intuitive messages imparted from your guides.   

All sessions are remote

Alchemy is consciously assisted evolution.
~Frater Albertus