As long as humans have been on the earth, we have depended on plants to nourish and heal our physical bodies. We consume plants as food, and make medicine from plant leaves, bark and flowers.  Plants also have an incredible intelligence that provides nourishment and healing for the unseen parts of ourselves. Plant intelligence provides medicine for our mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.   

Tending to all aspects of our being is what allows us to walk in wholeness and luminosity.  Our energetic bodies connect us to the greater web of life. They connect us to our ancestors, to our family, friends, and to our community.  They connect us to our animal companions, to other beings in the energetic weave, and to the land we live on.  Our energetic selves can hold ancestral patterning, ancestral trauma, and learned trauma responses from this lifetime.  They can also hold addictions, grief, inherited illnesses and learned or inherited coping mechanisms.  At times we can also hold energy that doesn’t belong to us in our energetic field.  Plant intelligence gently removes energy that no longer serves you, or that does not belong with you, and replaces it with nourishing, supportive energy  so you can stand in your own luminosity and sovereignty. 

Experience yourself as a sovereign, luminous being 

Our energetic bodies often give us signals to tell us that we are experiencing power loss or carrying energy that doesn’t belong to us.  Those signals can manifest as addiction, pain, sleeplessness, fear, anxiety or in a number of other ways. Tending to our energetic and spiritual selves allows us to release energy we are holding that isn’t part of our true, luminous selves, and to compassionately tend to energies that do not belong to us.

Plant spirit healing sessions provide a space for you to be gently held while you self-identify areas in your being where you are holding energy that is not your own, or that is ready to be released.  Plant spirits then assist in moving that energy out of your being and allow you to stand in your sovereignty.   

In shamanic healing sessions, I work with the healing spirits on your behalf.

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Tending to your energetic body alchemizes your relationship to yourself and others. .

Healing Sessions

Alchemy is consciously assisted evolution.
~Frater Albertus