Plant intelligence nourishes our hearts, minds and spirits. It opens up doorways to self-discovery, to ancient wisdom and to curiosity.  Connecting with plant wisdom changes our view of the earth and of ourselves.  

As long as humans have been on the earth, we have depended on plants to provide food for our physical bodies. Plants also have an incredible intelligence that provides nourishment and healing for the unseen parts of ourselves.

Talking to plants is one way of talking directly to spirit.
~ Rosemary Gladstar


Plants open up portals to the immense beauty and possibility present in each moment.  Plant allies can help us through times when we’re feeling stagnant or challenged.  Just like a good friend or a wise teacher, plants can inspire us, comfort us and help us to be our best selves.

In plant ally sessions I listen for the plant that wants to support you at the present time.  Whether you are facing a particular challenge, have a particular goal, or are feeling stagnant and in need of change, plant allies provide nourishing, transformative support and guidance.

Each session begins with space for you to share your challenge or intention. Based on that information, I listen on your behalf and locate an ally for you. Each session includes information about the plant or tree that came forward for you, a written channeled message from the plant or tree, and a guided meditation that will facilitate a direct connection between you and your earth ally.


 Our energetic bodies connect us to the greater web of life. They connect us to our ancestors, to our family, friends, and to our community.  They connect us to our animal companions, to other beings in the energetic weave, and to the land we live on.  Our energetic selves can hold ancestral patterning, ancestral trauma, and learned trauma responses from this lifetime.  They can also hold addictions, grief, inherited illnesses and learned or inherited coping mechanisms.  At times we can also hold energy that doesn’t belong to us in our energetic field.

Our energetic bodies often give us signals to tell us that we are experiencing power loss or carrying energy that doesn’t belong to us.  Those signals can manifest as addiction, pain, sleeplessness, fear, anxiety or in a number of other ways.

In plant spirit healing sessions, plant intelligence gently removes energy that no longer serves you, or that does not belong with you, and replaces it with nourishing, supportive energy  so you can stand in your own luminosity and sovereignty.

Plant spirit healing sessions provide a space for you to be gently held while we work together with the plant spirits to identify areas in your being where you are holding energy that is not your own, or that is ready to be released.  Plant spirits then assist in moving that energy out of your being and allow you to stand in your sovereignty.


 Journeying is a beautiful way of receiving wisdom and guidance from spirit helpers.  Rather than solely bringing back yes or no answers, journeys provide layered wisdom and insight.  That information helps you have a better understanding of your current path as well as what possible future paths would look like.  Journeys connect you to your guides and support system. They help you gain clarity as to the root of your experiences and challenges and connect you with your own gifts and potential.  

Come play and dream your heart’s prayer into being.



 Much like a plant spirit session, shamanic healing tends to your wellbeing in the greater web of life.  Shamanic sessions differ from plant spirit sessions primarily in the manner of working.  In a shamanic session, we meet to discuss your challenges, dreams and goals.  I then work in shamanic space on your behalf and provide you with a summary of what transpired.  

Shamanic sessions can be used for healing from emotional wounds and trauma, freeing yourself from limiting patterns, recovering lost power, re-writing energetic or spiritual contracts you may have entered into in this life or others and for many other things.  

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about what type of healing session is right for you.


Guided meditation reiki sessions are like a spiritual spa.  Each session comes with a recorded, guided meditation that is customized for you. Listen to the relaxing meditation and music while being bathed in the light of reiki. The meditation is yours to keep and can be listened to at any time. 

As the reiki flows, it gently dissolves areas of density and dis-ease and fills the entirety of your being with luminous life-affirming energy. Being bathed in the light of reiki is nourishing and restorative. 

Alchemy is consciously assisted evolution.
~Frater Albertus