Discover Plant Wisdom

Plants are expressions of ancient archetypal wisdom.  Their wisdom exists beyond ego, and beyond story. Connecting with plant wisdom shifts the way we are in relation to ourselves and others.

Talking to plants is one way of talking directly to Spirit

~Rosemary Gladstar

Our wise ancestors had the ability to commune with plants. Before we had libraries and laboratories, healers and plant shamans discovered the healing properties of plants through direct communication. Indigenous cultures around the world continue practices of direct communion.  But in the Western World, we have allowed the practice to go by the wayside.  Although we derive much of our medication for physical ailments from plants, we have forgotten how to ask the earth for medicine, and how to be medicine for the earth.

Connecting with plant consciousness opens up avenues for healing on all levels of our being.   

By entering into a state of communion with the sentience of nature, we can bring ourselves into alignment with universal archetypes, restore ourselves to sovereignty, and become an evolved version of ourselves. We can become medicine for ourselves and for the earth.

Connecting with plant consciousness is a matter of broadening our perception and remembering how to hear the language of the earth. It is the practice of diving into our senses and embodying our intuition. The practice of connection is in itself powerful medicine. It is medicine that deepens our understanding of what it means to be human on this earth. It is medicine that brings us home to the earth, and to ourselves.  

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Connect With Your Intuition

Connecting with your intuition connects you with your own luminosity.  Having a strong connection to your intuitive self deepens your appreciation for yourself and your abilities in addition to strengthening your connection to your guides, animals and other beings with whom we share the earth.

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