How it is that animals understand things I do not know, but it is certain they do understand. Perhaps there
is a language which is not made of words and everything in the world understands it.
– Frances Hodgson Burnett

Animals are our friends, teachers and guides. They open our hearts, lead us into new adventures and mirror places in us that need to be healed.

Seeing ourselves through the eyes of animals is transformative

Our animal friends can remind us that not only are we “enough,” but we are AMAZING. I once had a cat show me what an absolute magician her human is when it comes to creating baked goods. Like many of us, that kitty’s human can sometimes be a bit hard on herself. She sometimes thinks the gorgeous things that she bakes aren’t quite good enough.

Her kitty though is absolutely awed by the smells coming out of the kitchen. She thinks it is just incredible that her human can put different smelling things together and come up with an entirely new, and entirely captivating scent. Such wizardry! That beautiful cat also showed me what a brave, capable and giving person her human is.

That kitty is a good reminder that we take so many of our gifts for granted. We do amazing things in the course of our day to day lives, and often don’t give ourselves enough credit for showing up and for navigating the world in the way that we do. Seeing ourselves the way our animals see us can give us courage to keep moving forward.


Our animal friends mirror our pain points, and show us where healing is needed  

Animals are incredibly attuned to their environment. Often when animals are acting out or experiencing anxiety, they are mirroring what their humans are experiencing. That mirror invites healing.  I once communicated with a cat who was exhibiting what the humans saw as behavioral problems.  Instead of using her litter box, she was going to the bathroom in very inconvenient places in the house.  It turned out that the cat was reacting to stressors in her humans’ relationship with one another.  The specifics of her behavior pinpointed where healing was needed in the relationship and served as an invitation to the humans to address those underlying issues. Animals often invite us into transformative healing.  Their voices are often mirrors that show us where shifts are needed.

Our animal friends guide us on our path

 Our animal companions can guide us out of painful or stagnant places and lead us into new adventures.  They can give us strength to make changes, and provide us with love and protection when we’re feeling vulnerable.  My own Sampson dog provided me with life-affirming guidance and led me deeper into earth communion.  

As soon as I adopted him, Sampson made clear that staying inside on the computer all day was simply not an option. At his insistence, I got a mobile hot spot and packed my office into a backpack.  We spent our days together on windswept cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in damp, fragrant redwood groves and on park benches surrounded by the twisty branches of coastal tea trees. In those settings I juggled my day job and herbalism school, and connected with my big, wild dream.  

Truth be told, the way I was living when I brought Sampson home made no more sense to me than it did to him.  I was working hard to make change, to heal and to embody my dream. But I was carrying wounding and vulnerability.  I felt the disconnect between my inner and outer lives, and had a hard time holding both spaces at once. Sampson affirmed and lighted my path.  His fierce protection allowed me the safety I needed to shed the past and evolve into the present. His wisdom reminded me that if I wanted to understand the language of herbalism, I couldn’t rely on books alone.  I also had to engage directly with the plants. His humor gave me the levity to keep going, and his soft warm fur provided constant reassurance.  His magic made it possible for me to live my dream.

Other animals have shared with me that they led their human out of destructive relationships, provided support during emotional turmoil, and connected their human with new, much needed friends. Recognizing the gifts your animal friend is offering is a wonderful way to honor your bond.


Communicating With Animals In Spirit Eases Grief and Increases Understanding Of Their Hearts and Souls

Losing a beloved animal companion who has loved us, helped us heal and brought us joy is a true heartbreak. But the pain of that loss can be eased when we are assured that our companions are well and happy in the afterlife. 

A dog who had passed told me that he was continuing the work he and his human did on the physical plane. His human is involved in animal rescue work and frequently has foster animals at her house. In the afterlife, the dog is working to connect animals with the humans who need them. Spending time around rescue work on the physical plane allowed the dog to understand how humans view the process of homing animals. That understanding assists him in continuing that beautiful work on the spirit plane.

Another dog I spoke with was a challenge for his human in this life. The dog had a difficult start to his life, but had been adopted by a human with a loving, generous heart. He turned out to be an escape artist in his new home, and his adventures caused his human some stressful moments. After he passed, the dog showed me that he knew he was a challenge, but those adventures he went on were transformative for his soul. They allowed him to connect with the earth in a new way. That connection was extremely valuable to him after his early years in a home that felt dark and isolated to him. In the afterlife, he went on to be a guardian spirit for the land he connected with on his adventures. He also showed me that the love he received from his human nourished him and allowed his soul to evolve in a way he never thought possible.

Connecting with your animal companion in the afterlife affirms and deepens you connection. Understanding how your bond uplifts you animal companion’s heart and soul uplifts you in your time of grief. 

Our hearts are always connected. You only have to reach out with your whiskers and you will feel me there.
~Panda the cat.

How Sessions Work

I will establish a connection with your animal companion prior to our appointment and take your love, your questions and concerns to them prior to our call and create a safe space for them to respond.

In telephone sessions, I share the conversation with you during our call, and hold space for you to receive any clarification you need and ask additional questions.

In email sessions, I share the communication I had with your animal companion by email.  Sessions include an e-mail follow-up that allows you to receive any clarification you need and ask additional questions.

In every session, I honor and respect the autonomy of your animal companion. Some animals are comfortable openly discussing their pain points and challenges, while others prefer to keep things such as physical ailments to themselves.  I honor their boundaries and facilitate a conversation that soothes, enlightens and uplifts all involved.

I look forward to connecting with your animal companion.