Welcome! I’m Heather. 




This gorgeous cat is Tigger.

I lived with my beautiful Tigger cat for about 19 years. Since he knows me quite well, I thought I’d ask him what you might want to know about me.   

The first thing he said is that I’ve lived many lives in one.  He’s so right about that!  I don’t know if I have 9 lives like Tigger, but I know I have lived at least a few already.  I have a degree in high energy theoretical physics and was a project scientist on a NASA solar physics project. I subsequently practiced law for about 15 years. Before that, I lived in a VW Van and traversed the country following the Grateful Dead.  I got pretty good at rebuilding air cooled engines!

The second thing Tigger said is that I’m adventurous.  I lifted a skeptical eyebrow at him when he said that.  Despite my many lives, I am a quintessential introvert.  My traveling days are in the rearview mirror, at least for now.  I was a happy homebody even before the pandemic hit.  

Adventurous, Tiggs, are you sure?

Yes, he said, adventures come in many different forms.  And of course he’s right again. Cats are always right!  

Adventure in my case means constantly learning, and constantly exploring my inner and outer worlds.  For me, it means learning what it means to become Reiki.  It means developing a close relationship with my spirit guides and with the living earth.  It means shedding the story that tells me I am disconnected from the sentience of the earth and from the multitude of life forms with whom I share the earth.  

Adventurous means finding my own magic, and helping you find yours

Communing with the plant and animal nations alchemized my own life.  That communion led me to a deeper understanding of the earth and what it means to be a human on earth.  As a lawyer, I loved being able to help heal divides.  However, I also became acutely aware of the inequalities inherent in our legal system, and the ways in which those inequalities can inflict pain rather than promote healing.  On a personal level, I felt a profound sense of isolation working in that setting.  

It took renewing my connection to Spirit and to the living earth to heal from that sense of isolation and separation. When studying physics, I learned that everything is energy.  Through my shamanic practice, I have learned that energy is sentience, and humans are an integral part of the sentient web of life.  

I gained that understanding and developed my practice through completing a 16-month shamanic intensive in core shamanism, an apprenticeship in European bee shamanism and natural beekeeping, and by studying dreamwork in the tradition of bee shamanism. My own ancestors are from Finland, Norway, the Baltic Republics and Scotland. I incorporate my well ancestors and their healing traditions in my work.  

I also attended herbalism school, obtained a Reiki master degree in the Usui lineage, became certified in Sacred Soul Alignment energy healing, and completed advanced courses in animal communication. Through that deep, sacred work, I have  developed an understanding of the ways in which our lives and social structures can shift when we listen to earth wisdom and incorporate that wisdom into our lives.   

Dancing Bee is here to help you find ease in your heart and connect more deeply to the web of life

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