When we form a new hive, we weave it into being in the way of our ancestors. We listen to the sound of the earth. We attune ourself to the harmonious notes we hear. Our hive becomes part of the song of the earth. We add to the song by adoring our hive with warm, fragrant honey. With propolis and pollen. With all the fruits of our ecstatic communion with the flowers. Our hive thrums with the joyous music of life.

To be alive is to be enraptured.

~The voice of The Honeybee


Like the bees, humans are born with the innate ability to enter into communion with the intelligence of nature.

Our birthright
is that of connection and joy.

 But as a collective, humans have largely forgotten how to listen to the earth. We have forgotten how to receive the earth’s wisdom, and how to weave that wisdom into our lives. In our forgetting, we are imposing our lives on the earth rather than creating them with the earth. The result is that we are not only harming the earth, but we are depriving ourselves of the joy and enchantment available to us in each moment. Communing with the living earth connects us to that joy.

Plants and animals have immense, transformative wisdom. They communicate that wisdom through a beautiful vibrational language layered with knowing, sensing and imagery. Remembering how to engage with that language – remembering how to connect with the living earth – brings us home to ourselves.

Re-Member Yourself As An Integral Part Of The Web Of Life On Earth

Animal Communication

Animal communication sessions honor and strengthen the sacred bond between you and the animals in your life.

Connect with your animal companions whether living or in spirit. Gain a deeper understanding of their heart and soul, and of the unique connection that brought you together.

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Healing With Plant Spirits

Plant spirit healing sessions help you stand in your own sovereignty.  In psychopomp sessions, I work with plant allies to detach energies from your energy field and move them through thresholds they are willing to cross.  These sessions benefit you as well as your ancestors and any attached energies and beings.  

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Plant Communication Courses & More

Enter into communion with the intelligence of nature. Dancing Bee courses facilitate communion with plant consciousness, help you enhance your intuition, and lead you into the dreamtime.

Plant communication circles  offer an opportunity to connect with the sentience of nature in virtual community. 

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