Plants and animals have immense, transformative wisdom. They communicate that wisdom through a beautiful vibrational language layered with knowing, sensing and imagery. Remembering how to engage with that language brings us home to ourselves.

Each animal communication session is an amazing journey of discovery.  I love inviting people into the wonder of animals’ soul journeys and their afterlife experience.  


 The intelligence of nature is remarkable.  Plants have an ability to heal that goes beyond the physical.  Plants nourish our bodies with food and heal our bodies with their medicine. Their intelligence heals our minds and hearts and evolves our souls. 


heather is impeccable, a true and gifted healer. her dedication to her craft is second to none, and her work is so filled with joy! she held a wonderful session for our sweet kitty, that helped us on our journey so much (and accurately identified what was going on), and I’ve been loving learning from her on her beautiful podcasts. one of the most wonderful things I love about working with heather is how much love and care she pours into every detail and interaction. you and the plant and animal people you work with will be so well held in heather’s care. she is a living jewel, and an extraordinary teacher, practitioner, and healer.

anna, the dreaming otter.

Animal Communication

Animal communication sessions honor and strengthen the sacred bond between you and the animals in your life.

Connect with your animal companions whether living or in spirit. Gain a deeper understanding of their heart and soul, and of the unique connection that brought you together.

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Healing With Plant Spirits

Healing sessions help you stand in your own sovereignty.  They help you shed patterns that no longer serve you, heal ancestral trauma, and embody your true luminosity. 

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Plant Communication Courses & More

Enter into communion with the intelligence of nature. Dancing Bee courses facilitate communion with plant consciousness, help you enhance your intuition, and lead you into the dreamtime.

Plant communication circles  offer an opportunity to connect with the sentience of nature in virtual community. 

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